Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spiritual Tool #3: Filling up with YOU!

How many times have you come home from a day and said, "I feel so drained!"? If you're like me, it happens regularly, especially when around lots of people, when helping lots of clients throughout the day, or when intense or stressful situations present themselves. This post is about helping you call your energy back, which makes you feel more grounded, yourself, and literally gives you more physical energy!

In my post about grounding, I talked about how our energy bodies can be like little sponges, picking up energy from other people -- people we talk to, care for, or interact with. That entry talked about the importance of clearing or grounding those outside energies away after each day.  But just as we pick up other people's energy, we often give our energy to other people, events, or projects. Sometimes we leave our energy there, in the past, where it really does us no good. In order to keep our energy levels high, we need to fill back up with us!

The only moment that we have to work with is the present. When our energy is in the past, or the future, or with mom, or with your latest craft project, or planning dinner, we don't have as much energy available to work with in the present moment. I'm sure we've all experienced it before -- we are excited about a new project, or we have a family member or situation we're worried about, and so our energy is focused there while we try to move throughout our day and complete our day-to-day tasks. We find ourselves becoming sloppy, unable to concentrate, and feel completely wiped out by the end of the day.

It doesn't do us any good to keep our energy anywhere but right inside our body and aura. It's been said that worry is a misuse of imagination. I say energy directed anywhere except the present moment is a cheat to ourselves and the lives we're creating.

So many of us in the healing field struggle with this. We worry about our clients, or we continuously try to problem-solve other's situations while we're going through the motions of present day activities. Even those outside the healing field can relate -- we've all experienced a loved one who is going through a tough time, and often we feel emotionally connected or responsible for their well-being.  Often, we keep our thoughts or prayers with them and forget about the quality and importance of our own attention in the present moment.

Guess what -- that doesn't serve either party.

If my energy is with one of my sick clients, not only is it not with me, but it's also clogging up their space and keeping them from being able to find their most authentic self and their own healing solution. It is always best to keep our energy with us so that we can use the power of the present moment to direct all of our energy to the focal point at hand.

Our attention is the most powerful tool we own. If we can gather up all of our energy and direct our attention at just one thing, the rest of the world falls away. We've all experienced this -- maybe in a yoga class where you observed your thoughts rather than listening to them, or when you become so focused on a project that you lost track of time and created your best work. As a healer, I know I can help my client best by focusing on them and only them in a session, or when I'm doing extra research to help them -- not by focusing on them while I'm blogging, making dinner, or listening to my partner.

So how do we practice calling our energy back to us and keeping it there? (Because, remember, it's ALL a practice).

It's simple. Sit in your meditation space and ground yourself. Use the grounding meditation listed here. Start by clearing away all those energies that you might of picked up during the day -- your client, that stranger on the bus who gave you the eyes, that cute barista who drew a heart in your cappuccino, -- all of it! Once you feel clear, start to imagine all the places you might have left your energy that day. I usually start with my dream space, which is generally very active. Then, I call my energy back from clients, from my mom, from anyone I might be healing inadvertently, from my boss, from that person on the bus I gave the eyes to, from my enjoyment of my (decaf) cappuccino, and from any other situation or project that keeps stealing my attention.

Imagine that energy collecting into a big ball of golden energy above your head that is as big as you are. Let that golden ball of light fill all the way up with your energy in present time. When it's full, pull it down around you and let it fill up your whole body and aura with your energy. Do this several times until you feel full of the live that is YOU. You can't have too much!

Often with this exercise, I get asked if calling energy back will hurt or affect the people, projects or situations where your energy was left. Calling your energy back will not hurt someone you've been helping -- like I said before, your energy of worry or healing, while fabulous in the present moment, can create confusion for that person once you've moved on physically. Your heartfelt intention of help or healing, when used in the power of the present moment, is beneficial. Once you move on, if your energy doesn't move with you, it can create the same energy of confusion and clogging that we clear out of our own spaces.  Similarly, your projects can't keep moving forward if you're working on something else, so it's more effective to always have your energy in the present moment. The same goes for situations or interpersonal relationships -- focus on the task at hand while it's at hand and communication will be smoother (that doesn't mean you can't procesas and reflect later, just make sure that's you're intention at the time).

Have you ever heard someone say, "I'm running on a quarter tank today?" This is often how full our bodies are of our own energy, but it doesn't have to be. Fill up with the golden light of your energy several times per day and keep your energy gauge at full all the time.

You always deserve to be full of YOU. This isn't about ego, it's about spiritual energy. In the spiritual world, you can't get enough of yourself, so fill up! When you are full of yourself and clear from other energies, that is your quiet, soft space where you can hear the clear voice of your soul. This is where you'll make your best decisions, heal yourself, and start to have an effect on others because you're brave enough to fill up and be your own creature. Here's to being YOU!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Intuitive Wellness Coaching in Your Words

For the past month or so, I've been lucky enough to take two full days a week to start turning what I love to do into a career. This process hasn't been easy, and I'm nowhere near finished, but I can start to see the first iteration of my offerings taking shape in a concrete way that they never have before. This process is teaching me a lot  -- how I relate (or don't relate) to business and business practices, what my relationships are to money, how I tend to undervalue myself and my offerings, and how difficult I find it to stand up and shout from the rooftops what it is I do.

Behind the scenes, I've been busy clarifying and re-clarifying my message -- who I am and why I do what I do. I've had to ask for help to describe it, because I tend to use technical terms that only make sense to me, and to complicate the simple. This process has humbled me, because I began to ask my clients to explain to me, in their own words, what I do for them. While I'm still working on my verbiage, I wanted to share with you a recent testimonial from on of my clients. If you're unsure what it is, exactly, that I do, please continue reading as Holly has explained it so eloquently here:

As comforting as it sounds when traditional medicine claims to provide "individualized treatment" and "client-centered care", the first time I ever actually experienced that was during my sessions with Anna.  Anna moves through the confusion that disease and injury can create, methodically examining each body system and, laser-like, strikes right at the heart of the source, the cause, and the cure.  For me, the source of my disease was outside of my awareness.  Buried beneath my symptoms were layers of unintegrated emotions, images from the past, energies that didn't belong to me, karmic influences, and seemingly unimportant details that Anna brought to the surface.  As she explained the images she saw I was transported into the realm of my soul and the source of my own power to heal myself.   Far from being a painful process, Anna's humor, love, and light touch made "coming home to myself" and healing my illness a joyful experience. She was able to give me practical guidelines for grounding myself, for stepping out of the way of the healing energies that emerged, for enhancing those energies, protecting them, and for understanding my soul's intent and purpose as it related to my disease.  She was also able to quickly and painlessly remove harmful energies that were not aligned with my intent to heal. Sessions with Anna far exceeded my expectations and moved me to a place of health and unprecedented enthusiasm for my unleashed life. She represents a new kind of healing that takes into consideration the body's innate ability to heal itself given the right environment.  Anna is an expert in understanding what that environment looks like and has the amazing gift of knowing how to create it.  Personally and professionally I am privileged to be able to recommend her without reservations.    

If you've been on the fence about experiencing the freedom that intuitive wellness coaching, healing and mentoring, now is the time to try it. I have some new fall specials coming out with my next newsletter (email me if you want to sign up). I'd be honored to be part of your healing journey.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spiritual Tool #2: Holding a Vibration

Albert Einstein said, "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

One of the ways in which I work with clients is to help them get out of the uncomfortable reality they're in and into the reality they want. Usually, there are a lot of belief systems, family programming energy, emotions, fear or guilt keeping them from embracing the reality they want to claim as their own. As I work with clients, I help them to identify these limiting patterns, drain them from the energy body, and help them start creating the reality they want through energy.

How do we do this?

Similar to how Einstein said to "match the frequency," I say, "hold the vibration" of the reality you want and you will have it.  On one hand, it sounds so simple. On the other hand, it seems incredibly complex and perplexing and perhaps even illogical to our analyzing mind.

The spiritual world, and thus our energy bodies which are our link to Spirit, operate in an arena where time and space do not exist. Our bodies, and more accurately our minds, experience time linearly, which can make spiritual concepts seem illogical. But you know how sometimes you set a goal, and maybe you send out prayers asking that you reach your goal, but the goal always seems to be out in the future? That's because the Universe responds to us in present time only. In the spiritual world, you either have something or you don't, there is no "getting it later."

This is why the vibration of our aura in relation to the reality we want to have are so important. Similarly, this is why affirmation as mantra and as prayer is so effective -- we are no longer asking to have something in the future some day, we are stating to the Universe that we already have it.

To some of us, this may seem selfish. Especially when it comes to goals around finances or achievement.  Many of us in the spiritual field incorrectly assume that self-serving goals aren't spiritual, but that's untrue. The Universe wants us to be fulfilled. It wants us to have our hearts desire and will give us the reality that is reflected in our energy body and in our thoughts.

This doesn't mean that receiving what we want won't require some work. Spiritual growth always requires work. But by showing the Universe exactly what we want through holding the vibration of the reality we desire, the work will illuminate itself, pushing our bodies and minds through linear time more quickly to achieve our new reality. The work may manifest itself as taking a deep look at our belief systems, our relationships, our value or our self esteem and making the changes necessary to fully vibrate at our new reality.

So, how do we start? The work for changing our reality starts, like most spiritual tools, in meditation. This is how I like to use the "hold your vibration" meditation, but you may find that another method works better for you, so feel free to play with it.

Sit quietly in your meditation space. I like to sit in a chair with my feet on the ground, or include this meditation before I start a yoga practice so that the movement helps me clear out blockages. Again, it's up to you. First, become grounded. You can use the grounding technique I've described in another post, or choose a grounding technique of your own. Breath deeply and smoothly, and allow any stresses or uncomfortable energy to ground out of your space.

Once you feel clear, allow yourself to visualize the reality that you want. Maybe this is surrounding a health issue, finances, or relationships -- whatever it is, see your best and most vibrant reality out in front of you. Allow any negative energy or negative self talk drain out of your vision naturally. Notice how it looks -- I like to attach a color to the vibration, so that I can easily call it back later on. Notice how your reality feels -- every cell in your body will respond to the vibration you choose, so allow yourself to really feel that vibration.

Next, use your hands (or your psychic hands) to pull that visualization into your body, starting at the crown of your head and moving all the way down to your feet. Visualize yourself bathed in that reality, perhaps seeing yourself in the color you chose. Allow yourself to feel that vibration in every part of your body, and allow yourself to know that this reality is yours right now. Send some gratitude to the Universe for helping you with your creation.

Throughout the day, check in with yourself and your vibration. When you find yourself slipping into old thought patterns or behavioral habits that aren't in alignment with your vibration, take some deep breaths and call the color of your vibration back around your body. Notice the thought patterns that you were stuck in and work on releasing those in your meditation practice. Assert an affirmation in place of negative thoughts. The affirmation, "I easily create the reality I most deeply desire," may work well for this meditation, but feel free to chose another one.

Getting started on a spiritual journey can seem daunting, but remember that you have the full support of the Universe behind you. A spiritual journey is the process of self-discovery -- finding out who you are, who you want to be, and how to get there. If you find yourself stuck, I am only a phone call away. I'd be happy to provide some clarity and build your confidence so you can move freely along your path.